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How We Recycle Industrial Plastic Waste: Our Process

Updated: May 17, 2022

Here at Qualiplast, we take recycling seriously. Not only do we recycle the plastic waste that we produce in our own manufacturing process - but we also purchase recycled plastic from other companies to help reduce environmental impact as a manufacturer of custom plastic parts.

Recycling industrial plastic waste by turning scraps into pellets

Our recycling process begins by taking scraps from the plastic sheets that we use to mold our products. We have 3 Vecoplan granulators that turn these scraps into pellets.

Here is an example of how Vecoplan granulators work to recycle industrial plastic waste.

Plastic pellets are recycled into new industrial plastic sheets

Plastic pellets are then sent back to our sheet supplier which mixes the pellets with a quantity of virgin plastic to reproduce new sheets. We then repurchase those recycled plastic sheets at a better price.

The 2 main advantages of recycling plastic

This not only allows us to recycle (which is good for the environment) but it also helps us offer more competitive prices on our products!

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