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Environment Culture

Hydroponics or aeroponics is simply growing plants without soil. Vegetables get all the nutrients
they need to grow from the water in which their roots are immersed (called hydroponics) or

from the mist sprayed directly on their roots (aeroponics).

This means making productivity gains, saying goodbye to weeding, and reducing the use of
insecticides to a minimum. At Qualiplast Plastics, one of our greatest areas of expertise is

manufacturing parts for small to very large cultures. Our plastic tables and trays are
manufactured to optimize growth, reduce flammability and increase chemical and UV

It is with great pride that we claim to be one of the first links in the supply chain of aeroponic and hydroponic farms, by manufacturing hydro-farming equipments. At Qualiplast, all your needs can be customized.

Here is a short presentation from our president on this area of expertise.

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