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Samuel Pagé Morin, our President interviewed by Michel Joubert of Agro News at the GVF in Dubai.

World's population is currently close to 8 billions people and this number is expected to reach up to10 billions by 2050.

Since more than 75% of the world's population lives in metropolitan areas, it is important to adapt, as this population growth will be accompanied by a sharp increase in the need for water, food and energy resources. To date, these are limited, but essential to support this growth.

We have therefore undertaken research into new Vertical farming systems that will offer efficient and sustainable food production.

For us at Qualiplast, it's important to build a relationship of trust with our partners.

We know that each company has its own requirements that can be quite different from each other. This is why Qualiplast listens to the personal needs of each one in order to have an adapted approach that will take into account the specific requirements of each grower and producer.

We want to share our expertise and experience in order to develop in partnership solutions that will bring the best possible production.

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