What plastic products do we make?

From the smallest and most delicate of plastic parts to large components, we can meet all your needs manufacturing quickly. Examples of industries: - Indoor / outdoor cultivation - Civil engineering - Drainage / water purification - Urban farm - Automotive - Food And much more, contact us for any specific request.

What do we need to start designing a piece?

From your concept, regardless of its stage of development, our experienced design team can start to create a design, including detailed drawings and CAD models. We just need your idea. We take care of the rest!

Can we offer you assistance during the design and engineering of your project?

Yes, we offer complete turnkey solutions. Our dedicated staff have years of thermoforming experience and will provide you with a high level design service and technical support. Our customers tell us that's what sets us apart from other companies.

When thermoforming, what are the dimensions of the parts and the thickness of the plastic we use?

We are recognized for our expertise in the creation of large thermoforming parts. However, we can manufacture parts as small as 0.5mm. Our team of experts will be happy to guide you in choosing the best materials for your order.

What are the initial tooling and manufacturing costs?

Costs vary widely. They are directly dependent on the complexity of the mold and the technical and material requirements to meet your needs. We can provide you with a detailed estimate as soon as we will have in hand the initial information on your product as well as
the estimated volume of parts.
We assure you the best value for money thanks to our internal production capacity. We also offer flexible payment terms depending on the project. We can amortize the full development cost on the basis of a
firm order volume.

Do we have to respect a minimum quantity when ordering?

No. It all really depends on your needs. However, keep in mind
that the more quantity ordered, the more we can
save cost per part including tooling costs.

What are the implementation deadlines?

Our sales and design team will work closely together with you to identify your challenges in order to exceed your expectations. The deadlines may vary depending on the complexity of the projects. Some large projects require more time than others. The best way to determine your production times is to contact us for a free quote.

Do we offer product sub-assembly services to our customers?

Yes, we are used to producing a whole range of small to large plastic products and parts,
from simple to extremely complex. For this reason, we have a variety of procedures
assembly of final parts that we can supply to you, including the integration of additional hardware / parts.

What are the areas where the thermoforming process is used?

We can design and create plastic parts for a wide range of industrial or commercial applications. Large tables, large panels, boxes, trays and other similar packaging parts are particularly well suited to vacuum thermoforming.

What type of finish do we offer?

Our thermoforming technique allows us to obtain precise finishes. Whether it's custom colors, specific textures or even the integration of logos, we guarantee that your pieces will always look great.

Why us?

Qualiplast Plastics is a versatile manufacturer for all types and sizes of parts. We have been exceeding our customers' expectations for over 23 years! We have the experience, expertise and technology to make your project a reality. We offer a turnkey service and support from A to Z. Our production capacity allows us to offer you the best quality / price ratio on the market. In addition, our diverse team of experts is our strength.

Are you unanswered?

Call us now! If you cannot find the required information on our website, call and we will make sure to meet your demands. No project is too technical. We love challenges! Information request: (450) 369-0889 or (514) 804-6140