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The Pagé-Morin family

Qualiplast is a family business that was created in 1997 by our president, Jean-Pierre Morin. The launch took place by means of a thermoforming machine which produced five pieces different for a local customer. Despite these humble beginnings, Qualiplast has grown exponentially over its 23 years of existence. The company today produces more than 150 thermoformed plastic products of all sizes, shapes, and thicknesses for OEM customers or customers of various industries located in 15 countries around the world. Its success is linked to integrated production, from product design to final realization adopted by each of its customers.


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    At the head of a third company in his career, his creativity is innate and his entrepreneurial leadership is his figurehead. He built his roadmap with his outspokenness, his tools and by traveling the world. In solution mode when you have to produce and with a long manufacturing experience, it makes your projects a reality. Here is a passionate chef who is not afraid to work in the factory, motivating his staff to surpass themselves. He is daring in nature and grows the business along with his clientele.

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    Vice-president and
    Director of development

    Our vigorous Vice President is determined to move the business forward. He has invested in improving production processes to the delight of customers. He knows how to surround himself well and is attentive to needs and trends. Clever, strategic and a good communicator, he believes that success is shared with customers. Friendly and proud, he is at your side, on the phone, in videoconference or in an exchange of emails to know and satisfy, with brio, your business horizons and your national or international markets.


    Director of

    Unafraid by the daily challenges, he juggles like a high-flying acrobat with the items to be produced and delivered. On the front line of operations, he's monitors the production chain sharply. Relentlessly, he is available to lend a hand to teams in problem-solving. Its vision is global and constantly aims for the efficiency of processes at the best cost. He is far-sighted, methodical and versatile. His working memory is as great as his enthusiasm for being in charge of production.

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    Operations Director

    He has been part of our family since his childhood and we admire his sacred fire. He shines with his executive intelligence and his frank smile. Always ready to assist, to train and to apply solutions, he has as an ally, his great patience. Concerned about safety at work and quality, he works tenaciously towards his professional goals. With an Olympian calm and legendary tact, he coordinates the different sectors of activity well. With loyalty, he creates support for the values of the company.

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    Director of Human Resources, Health and Safety

    Skilled communicator, experienced in public relations and information, she focuses on recruiting the best employees and quality of life at work. On-the-job training is also one of his professional attributes. Our director also puts her experience to work in monitoring health and safety issues at work. Insightful, it encourages worker participation. It is with diplomacy that she interacts with all of our human resources.



    CPA, CA, M.Fisc, Director of Finance and Taxation

    He is a senior advisor with great added value through his many years of career in renowned accounting and tax offices. Rigorous, fine analyst, endowed with good judgment, he is adept on the business chessboard. Naturally sociable, he easily establishes links and puts a good mood in the air. His solid background of knowledge and his open mind are real assets to meet the challenges in our company.

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    With his beautiful deep voice, he could have worked in the radio field but he preferred to stay on the air with all our staff. Always on the air with all shift employees, he stands out with his respectful and positive approach, whether it is for payroll, benefits or employee assistance. He is also trusted by clients who appreciate him for his close collaboration and his discretion in following up on purchase orders.

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    The companion

    He does not count the years at the factory but he has a lot of seniority as a faithful companion. His presence is appreciated by all, as well as his wisdom. Every day with him is a gift.

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